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"Fruits of the ocean and other tropical dishes are all prepared by our local chefs, unhurried and from scratch"

Dine Me
A culinary splendor overcooks in our kitchen. Sublime desserts, surf-fresh seafood platters, coconut and chilli traditional Ibo Island crab curry, and lobster thermidor are some of the highlights on our menu. Breakfast and lunch can be enjoyed in a number of different locations,  served either in the privacy of your own room, on a deserted sandbar, or in our tropical gardens.
At Dinner
Dinner becomes a little more extravagant served on the rooftop terrace under the stars and lantern light. With the shore just feet away, sometimes dolphins can be heard in the bay. Dining on Ibo is a real event, elaborate and indulgent. For those who are celebrating something special, a candle lit dinner in our tropical gardens can be arranged for two.

Traditional Food
On the island juicy fruit and fresh seafood are abundant, and considered some of the most delicious food available. Lodge guests enjoy a refined menu, which combines the best of local and traditional foods.
A Mouth Full
Mozambique traditional food has been greatly influenced by the Portuguese. Ruling for nearly 500 years, the Portuguese greatly impacted the cuisine of Mozambique. Pãozinho, Portuguese-style bread rolls, cassava, a starchy root great for pesto, and cashew nuts, were all brought in by the Portuguese. The use of seasonings, such as onions, bay leaves, garlic, chili peppers, were introduced by the Portuguese. Portuguese dishes are commonly eaten in present-day Mozambique.
Traditional Tasting
The fruit of Ibo are; papaya, pineapples, paw paw and coconut. Puddings are made from these juicy fruits, with rice, and fried balls of flour paste. Puddings are often accompanied with Mozambican chá - spicy flavoured tea. Traditional Ibo dishes include, cassava, sweet potato, tomato, and fresh fish or seafood. Meals are mostly served with traditional coconut rice. 
Cassava And Coconut Rice
Cassava roughly translation to "the all-sufficient." Cassava leaves are often pounded with cashew or peanuts to make a delicacy and taste of what we like to describe as an Ibo inspired pesto. On Ibo this dish is called Matapas and its really popular with the community and guests alike. Coconut rise is a tradition that entails rinsing the rice at least 3 times thoroughly, then steaming lightly in coconut milk, and then baking in a pot over the fire. 

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