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"Ibo Island and the Quirimbas Archipelago"!

The mystery, the magic, the culture and beauty of Ibo Island beckons. It’s an African Island you probably never heard of. Ibo Island is impossible to box, impossible to label. Ibo Island Lodge is a place people visit, and would not leave, if given half the chance. Built with the community, today either directly or indirectly, the lodge benefits a large part of Ibo's population. Here your visit really does make a difference. 

Welcome to Ibo Island

There is a place, on the edge of Africa described as one of the most unique and magical islands in the world.  Once Mozambique’s mighty trading centre, Ibo Island, in the Quirimbas Archipelago National Park, Northern Mozambique, has remained all but forgotten to the outside world for almost a century.

The interior of Ibo is a bushy habitat, which spills over onto coral reefs, mangrove forests and little coves. The waters surrounding Ibo are home to pristine sandbank beaches where dolphins, turtles and a varied marine life live. Visiting Ibo is a unique experience. Rich and unforgettable.


Ibo has been called one of the most atmospheric islands in the world. Historically, the island see-sawed between Portuguese and Omani Arab rule. As if not an island, but some marked treasure trove. Architectural heirlooms from this era still stand in the beautiful stone town of Ibo, reflecting this rich legacy. 

Culture And Tradition

Ibo also bursts at the seams with culture and tradition. The community is a fascinating blend of people, all sharing in their beliefs, and all indelibly intertwined. Visiting Ibo Island offers a combination of lazy beach bliss, with snorkeling and exploring the history and culture of this magical little island.  You’ll dine on the freshest of seafood and discover the islands secrets that you’ll feel the first to discover. 

"Do yourself and Ibo justice - read every page every word and then tell us you dont want to visit Ibo!"

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